Watch Words

Thank you, God

for all You have given me;

for all You have saved me from;

for all I am because of You.

Wisdom and Understanding

Lord, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

to change the things that I can, and,

the wisdom to know the difference.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Closed


I've had to close this blog and move on here.

Feel free to visit if you'd like.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Some things Old, Some things New, and Most are Red, White, and Blue

Hello Everyone, friends, readers, and recent followers, 

Happy 4th of July.

 I hope you all have kicked off to a good summer.  I don't know what your temperature is like where you are, but it is awfully hot in this desert.  Good Lord!  We had a few minutes of rain on Friday and I sat on my patio smelling and listening to the rain.  It was refreshing especially after running errands getting beat up by the heat and the sun all day on Friday.

Since my last post, Yes! indeed, my busy drill continues.  and I shall spear you of those monotonous details. Ho hum, ho hum, ya di ya di da... and so on....

First, I cannot go on without saying "Thank you" again for all of your kind and appreciative comments on my last post.  I must continually tell you again, how much I appreciate them.

Well, here we are on Independence Day, and I want to give a shout to all service members, veterans and their families a big "Thank you" for their sacrifice and service.  I go to church with these humble souls and see them about on the roads traveling to and from training a lot of times before the sun comes up and long after the sun goes down.

Hmmmm.  God loves soldiers.  So as in that old adage go,4

If you love your freedom, Thank a soldier.

Alright.  Moving on.  Some things Old. 

While looking through some drawers, I found some unfinished things, and thought I would put a few finishes to them.
Wash Lady by Green Apple
My Wash Lady is finished in a thrift store find frame and repainted to give her a little prim look. This will hang in my washroom.

The "Crowslines"
Cedar Hill

The Crowlines will be hung in my washroom also.

God Bless You
Bent Creek
 God Bless you by Bent Creek is also finished in a thrift store find frame and repainted for another prim look.

Glory Bee (freebie)
Glory Bee Designs
 Glory Bee (freebie) is finished as a flat fold with an added hangar so that I have the option to to hang it on the wall also.

Hearts for America (freebie)
Shepherd's Bush
I cannot begin to tell you how long Hearts for America has been sitting.

Some things New and these are my latest finishes to fill my summer/patriotic basket

Blueladie Designs
 Summer by Blueladie Designs is finished as a little pillow.  Just too cute and so quick to stitch.

Blueladie Designs
Freedom by Blueladie Designs is also finished as a pillow for my summer/patriotic basket.  You all know how much I love fabric and this one was a very nice accent for this finish.

Bless Our Home
Country Cottage Needlework's
Another challenge piece finished. Woot! Woot! 

I cannot believe I added this one to my challenge list.  It only had about 14 stitches in it.  It should have been more so of a newly started project because I frogged the stitches and restarted it.  Well she is done with a few changes.  

Celebrate the 4th (freebie)
Glory Bee Designs

And...  Working right up to "press time", LOL, I was able to get this one stitched, but not into a finished.

And.  That's all.  Hope you saw something you like.
Wishing you all a Happy and safe 4th of July.

Be Safe and "Enjoi".



Sunday, June 19, 2011

When Men Pray finished and BBD Exchange

Hello Dear friends, readers and visitors,

Happy Father's Day to all,   I hope you will get to spend some quality time together today with your father, grandfather, husband, and children.  A special Happy Father's Day to the mom's that hold the roles of father and mother

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post.  They keep the fire going over here.

Alrighty.  Since my last post, I've been busy as a bee.  I was so happy school was over, but I continue to run about with the children to appointments and the likes of running a household, and becoming very overwhelmed with it all.  I managed to pull a muscle on my leg while out walking a 3 mile incline last weekend.  I elevated my leg last and rested it over the past week as much as I could, which I helped tremendously.  Unfortunately, I had  no weight loss.  No worries.  I will keep plugging away at it.  

During that time I worked on o my challenge pieces, Me, Myself and I RR, "A Woman's work is never done" (no pics) and the piece shown below, When Men Pray.

When I saw this chart in the October 1998, Just Crosstitch Magazine, I absolutely loved the saying in it.  I  knew I wanted to stitch it for my husband, but as with some projects, I became side tracked and set it aside,
and this was the state I left it many years ago.

I showed you all a progress pic of it on my last post and I continued to work on while waiting at the doctor's office and every little minute I could find.

It had a LOT of quarter stitches, a good sum of back stitching and some frogging.  I tell ya, determination is a bear.  I was determined to get this done for father's day.   

When Men Pray, stitched on 18ct. White over 2. with recommended DMC threads
Just Crosstitch Magazine, October 1988
And.  Ta Daaaaa.  Here it is.  The heart of God is touched when men pray. Hallelujah, praise be to God. I just love that saying.  It is inspired from the song "When Men Pray",  according to the magazine,  It "serves as a reminder for every generation of the importance of prayer".

I believe men pray for many things much like us, for good health, world peace, hope, vision,  healing, solitude, understanding, making good decisions,  knowledge, strength, and the list goes on; and for this I know, The heart of God is touched.

Alrighty, I wrote a few post ago about Blackbird Design's yahoo group Mystery pincushion Exchange.  I received my pincushion and a card on Friday from Lisa S.  She stitched Summer Stars from the Stitcher's Journey booklet.  Lisa used Gentle Art Sampler Threads to give a spring/summer look for the pincushion.

It holds three complimentary pins and she trimmed the pincushion in a beautiful lilac chenille trim.  On the underside, the pincushion holds a little charm that say, "made for you.  It is really beautiful and I love the colors she used. 
Thanks Lisa S.

Here is the pincushion I sent to the Mystery Exchange that was received by Paula.

I used My Home - Thread Keep  from the Summer Basket chart.  I selected a red, white, and blue theme for this exchange

 Here is the front.

The back.

The top finished as a mattress style pincushion.

Here my little handmade card with a blackbird.

and the blackbird saying, "Have a great summer.

a pic of both of the card and the pincushion together.

I really enjoyed making the pincushion and Paula has since received the pincushion and like it.  So I was happy about that.

One more note.  I wanted to express a big Thank you to Joy who hosted the exchange.  She did a fantastic job of putting it all together and I appreciate it very much.

I will end here and I hope you all have get to a special day.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

School is OVER

Hello all,

"School is over for DD" and what a week it has been.  Needless to say, I survived it too.  LOL.

Alrighty.  First up.  Always.  Thank you all for your comments on my last post.  They all in someway touch my heart with warmth and sometimes sadness (in a good way).  I am always grateful to you all who take the time to come by and make a comment and as I do my very best to extend that same gratitude to you by coming by your blog doing the same.

With that said, unfortunately, some of you all do not have a blog and your emails also have a "no reply blogger," therefore, I was unable to email you.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was finishing up my DDs dress, Missy Tiger, for her ceremony at school.  This event is known as "Walk Across."   It is held much like a graduation ceremony (without hat and gown) for the 8th graders moving on to 9th grade in high school.  You are to wear your "Sunday Best."

DD and I started this process of this dress sometime ago.  She found some inspiration on the blog to give me an idea of what she wanted and I gave her a piece of foam board and hair barrettes (for color) and some pins to hang the barrettes.  She wanted a tropical look for the dress.

After readjusting the commercial pattern which I used as a base, I made two muslin's for fitting, then cut and sewed the dress.  I finished the hem on Tuesday morning, just in time for Walk Across on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is what the dress looks like.  It is lined and have boning in the bodice.

I cannot believe I signed up to do all those flowers, but this is what gave the dress the look DD was after.

...and of course, you gotta have matching shoes, Right?

Whew!!!!  Glad it was done.
DD got lots and lots and lots of compliments from her dress from her friends and some of her teachers.  This little miss felt some kinda special and she looked good too.

Moving on.  I was able to deliver that quilt  for DD school mate at the same event.  I told the mother how I wrote about her son, not by name, but by circumstance, and that we (on my blog) sent prayers for her son's recovery.  In return she was most grateful for the prayers and the quilt and I extend a big "Thank You" to all of you that said a prayer for him.  He looked so good y'all.

Thanks again.  I know prayer changes things.

OK.  On to the stitching front.  After the dress ordeal.  I started a LHN small piece (no photo).

I found a piece (Heart in Hand) that should have been on my 15 WIP challenge list.  I worked a little on it and finished the first block and moving on to the second.

For the rest of the week, I also picked up another of my WIP challenge.

Here is where I left off before starting again.

...and here is where I am currently.

I also lost two more pounds this week in my weight loss.
I apologize to anyone if I had mislead you into believing it was my BD on my last post.  I was chanting and singing being joyful of my weight loss.

Well... Now that school is over, it is time for me to do some catching up on my stitching and enjoy some summer reading

So until next time all.

Be Well!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

All gave some, Some gave all, Pink Hill Manor and blog update

Hello all my dear friends,

Goooood morning 'yall!!!!  How are you all doing?  I hope you all are well and in good health.   It has been about two weeks since my last post, but certainly seems a lot longer. 

Thank 'yall so very much for your dear comments on my last post.  You all are so encouraging to me and I appreciate you all.  It seems I 'd been in a state of sadness of late, missing mother, etc...and somehow became uninspired and struggled to get some of my stitching completed.  I am so glad that that time has passed on.

OK.  So here is what I have to account for some of that time.
 I made The Sampler Girl, Mother's Prayer, I mentioned in my last post, into a simple little pillow with this very pretty fabby.
I really love this little saying/prayer and the way the fabric show it's gentleness.  Such a special way to remember mother and why not with a prayer.
Blackbird Designs, Anniversaries of the Heart, Pink Hill Manor

I finally finished my April block for the BBD, Anniversary of the Heart (SAL). It is dedicated to my mother.  I used all the recommended threads and changed the saying to "Dear Mom."

 I remembered as a little girl my mother had a set of cups and saucers similar to the one in the photos.  Mother didn't dare drink her tea from a mug.  She always used a cup and saucer.

Sign of the times???

I've since finished the label and the binding for DDs school mate and I wanted 'yall to see a bit of the quilting my dear quilt buddy, Magda Drawe, did on the quilt.  She did a fantabulous job on it and when I told her what was the purpose of this quilt. she gave me a bill that said "N/C" (No Charge).  All I could convey to her is that "God will bless you and Thank You."  'Y'all see how God bless us all so we are able to bless others?

The quilt is absolutely beautiful.  It looks like a football field.  

Here is a table runner I worked on.
I've completed the last block from my local quilt group BOM.

 This is a possible layout for now.

A possible layout using The Yellow Brick Road Pattern.

Alright.  What else?
I just finished a mystery exchange pincushion with BBD yahoo.  So we will have to wait, see for that one.

I went for my annual diabetes check.  My blood sugar is borderline (still) and my doc said she is not going to diagnose me as diabetic.  So that was good news for me.  Since then, I've been pounding the ground walking trying to beat the sun up sometimes.  I just love end results.  I lost two solid pounds.  LOL. Woo Hoo!!!!  "Go Jackie, it's your birthday".  Go Jackie, it's your birthday".  (and then one of those Michael Jackson kicks)

Pardon my excitement.  LOL.

Alrighty.  In closing.

Memorial Day

All gave some.

A day to remember our fallen soldiers and service members and to honor those that have served and those that are still serving.
As I reflect on this memorial day, I think about an airman and a widow I had never met or seen.
While in Germany in the mid 80s when the threat of terrorism was very high, I remember trying to get a ride to Frankfurt (Germany).  It must have been about 8 o'clock or so when all of a sudden there was a big blast about 300 yards from my barracks.  The blast was so loud, it shook the building and it made the curtains swing.  Everyone ran outside in pajamas and whatever they could get into quickly.  Somehow a terrorist got past the gates with a bomb in it. The car was on fire, there was debris everywhere. Parked cars had  broken window/glass.  It was ugly.  

As we approached the car, someone yelled "another bomb".  Everyone just scattered away in the opposite direction almost running into each other.

What we later learned, one person died from that bomb. 
He was a young airman that had just arrived in Germany and was going into the adjacent building to
 in process. 

There was a lady here locally that I saw often crossing a heavily trafficked bridge that had a very narrow sidewalk.  She appeared to be an elderly lady.  What struck me as a little odd (as we know people tend to not slow down for pedestrians anymore) was whenever she was walking on the bridge, the cars would slow down.

The local media captured her on the news.  The ladies husband served in the military and she walked to the cemetery everyday, rain or shine, to clean his grave and place flowers on it. 

I knew then the cars slowed down to give her safe passage across the bridge, recognizing her husband's service and sacrifice and the dedication she has.

Alrighty 'yall.  I just wanted to share these two with you all  as over the years I think of the young man's family and the widow.  As we approach the Memorial Day Weekend, 'yall say a prayer for our soldiers and please say a prayer for everyone affected by all the tornadoes we've had.

Please be safe this weekend.

Take Care.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Greetings to all

Hello dear friends, visitor, readers, and recent followers

Greetings and Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

First,  Thank you all very much for your comments and your compassion you all left on my last post.  I am very grateful to you all.

Alrighty.  Since my last post, I've missed


I've completed the finishing on

Stitching is always in Season

Finished another quilt block from my local quilt group.

Block:  Millstone
Charity begins at home.

Update:  Do you all remember I made a post of my DDs school mate that was diagnosed with cancer?  According to my DD, he has since returned to school but have missed a day here and there, presumably, going for some treatment.  His return I read as a positive sign.

I also wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you that had said a prayer for him for we know God heals all if we give it to him.

Thanks again.

Here is a snippet of the quilt top I made for him.  I have just picked up the quilt from being machine quilted just yesterday and as soon as I finish the label and binding, I will be sure to post another pic.

Moda Just One Star, can comfort a soldier

Here is my Moda Just One Star, can comfort a soldier

As part of the Quilts of Valor program, Moda Fabrics have a challenge "to piece, quilt and bind 100 quilts in 100 days using

the Flag of Valor pattern."   I sent this block in before the deadline of May 1, 2011.  These will quilts will surely send a gesture of "Thank you" to our wounded soldiers and veterans.

Love Quilt (Anytime) Square

I have joined in on stitching for Love Quilt (Anytime) Squares and  have not gotten very far.  

I've seen the Love Quilt Squares over at Joy, The Busy Stitchers Babble, and at Tricia, The Stamper's Stitches but did not realize they had an anytime square when I read about it at Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher

This I will work as in progress

April was  my mother's birth month and I stitched up this small piece from Blackbird Designs, Joyeux Noel.  It is incomplete until I can find complimentary fabby for it.

Vintage Pincushion

I struggled to finish my next BBD, Anniversary of the Heart, 4th block, Pink Hill Manor, dedicated in memory of my mother.  Mother would have been 77 this year on her birthday.   

And while I struggled to finish the piece above, I continued to be uninspired and continued the struggle with

BBD, Their Song

 DD, Miss Tiger has her transition 8th to 9th grade ceremony and here was the beginning of a dress for her.  The white in the background is the muslin (test) for the dress and the other fabbys are for the dress.  When complete, I will post a pic.

Ok. As if I didn't have enough to do.

Bama Bound Quilts
I found another need 'yall. If you have the capability to make a quilt, please consider making a quilt.  Here is the link Bama Bound Quilts

Here is one I made and will be working on to complete.

And from the left over fabby from the other quilt.

I stitched this small for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. 

A Royal Wedding Souvenir,
designed by The Sampler Girl
with a combination of DMC and GAST

As I stitched A Royal Wedding Souvenir, and Mother's Day approaching, I remembered I had the next pattern in my stash and thought I could stitch it in time for mother's day.

Mother's Prayers

I really enjoyed stitching this piece as I remembered my mother this mother's day.  I reflected on the time when I was about 13 or 14 years old and my mother was dying from cancer.  I remembered kneeling on the floor next to her bed trying to help to comfort her as she was in pain.  Feeling helpless, my mother held my hand and started to pray for I am sure she knew what was to come and me not yet knowing.

And so this piece gave me a reflection of that time of remembering my mother's prayer creating a this very special bond with me.

Mother's Prayers by The Sampler Girl
done on 32 ct antique white linen
Crescent Color:  Prickly Pear
GAST:  Celery

"I remember my mother's prayers.
They have clung to me all my life".

Well my dearest friends, I will close here and hope you all have enjoyed your mother's day and in spite of missing my mother, I enjoyed my day with my special girls beginning with the day in church today and what a wonderful blessing that is for me.

Please take care you all.

Be blessed.

Happy Mother's Day.